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Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone Perfume

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Make it seem effortless. Well, it really is...

Improve your love life and get more attention from the opposite sex. Pheromone has received rave reviews from over 100 satisfied customers. From simple admiration, to more action in the bedroom, you'll be more desirable without putting in an ounce of effort. They'll be wondering why they came home with you...

That other person who's been staring at your crush? LOL

Our luxurious yet ratchet fragrance is designed to evoke desire and attraction, meaning there's no point in even worrying about competition. Imagine walking into a room full of models and their eyes are only on you. That's the power of Pheromone. Don't settle for being just another face in the crowd - experience the confidence and allure that comes with wearing Velvet™.


  • High concentration of pheromones, paired with a delicate and fresh scent


  • 18+ Adults


  • All skin types


  • 1X Pheromone Fragrance


  • NET WT: 4ml/50ml
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